Board Members Messages


BKF recognizes that education is not going to solve problems of the developing world, but it is a tool that can be used to help bridge social and economic obstacles.

We believe that charity is a great deed that has the power to change one’s destiny– the one who gives as well as the one who gets! We help the needy with the intention of performing our duty of helping others, while reaping benefits of it in this life and the hereafter.

We envision a country in which our beneficiaries are equipped with adequate knowledge and resources, preparing them to confidently compete for 21st century opportunities.

That’s how we focus on, who should be helped, transforming a life, invariably transforming a family and the community in the process.

“We strive to care, develop and help those who are in need!”

V.M. Fawaz

Founder and Chief of Administrator




Firstly I am very thankful to BKF, for the space offered in this journal for me to share my thoughts as the president of Doha branch.

Indeed it’s with mild pride and great humility and with immense happiness I share my sentiments, and consider myself to be a part of this erstwhile charity organization BKF, who’s main objective is to serve the marginalized with empathy. Founded and inaugurated in the year 2013, By the founder, needless to say a dynamic, versatile totally focused yes man Brother V.M. Fawaz, who meticulously and painstakingly put together a solid bunch of equally dynamic young individuals to achieve his sole mission with the grace of our creator Almighty Allah, since then the progression of the foundation has been inevitable in the affirmative, this was his compassion, dedication, commitment and the application which is increasing by leaps and bounds for all his intents and purposes day in and day out. Well done Brother Fawaz…..!

Having said so, and keeping to our mission, it’s our intension that we strive to extend our efforts as a team to the under privileged students to overcome the barriers on their way and conquer and face the world as worthwhile citizens.

Farhan Nizam

President-Doha, Qatar



gensecBeing Kind Foundation, We are totally committed in facilitating and supporting students who are underprivileged or forced to quit in their pursuit to good education due to reasons beyond their control.

Being Kind Foundation

Shanaz Shabdeen

Gen. Secretary-Doha, Qatar